Goodbye to my students

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Happy almost new year!


Dear AMAA families,

It has been my blessing this last year to serve you all as a Sensei, manager, and teacher in the Dojo. As many of you know I have partnered with Shihan Wenneberg and his family for over 20 years watching him set the standards for excellence in the martial arts. As you can see by the staff he has trained and placed here in Yorba Linda he is committed to building one of the best brands of family, community, & service in the industry.

When we opened up this school last year, my family and I had just come home from the mission field serving as a full time teacher at a Bible College in Hungary ( After serving there over 2 1/2 years we transitioned back home for the birth of our fourth child. Having been through two other high risk pregnancies we knew medically we needed to be home with family, doctors, etc. Coming home we quickly confirmed we had made the right decision. After being examined at UCI we found we had a very rare complication that required my wife to be admitted for nearly 5 weeks on bed-rest. Our goal was to get the baby to 34 weeks to give us the best chance at delivery It was a 7 1/2 hour surgery, Kim required a blood transfusion of over 18 units of blood. Things were touch and go, but August 29th, 2011 our youngest Cruz Judah Beller was born. After spending only a week in recovery both my wife and son came home come Sept 5, on my birthday.

While being home, Shihan Wenneberg and team were gracious enough to share their vision for the growth and expansion within AMAA. We could see that things had continued to grow after our first departure and they now had the team and desire to expand into a second location on the other side of the 57 freeway. After working together on a few ideas I was blessed to have the opportunity to once again partner with the Wenneberg family on expanding the vision and impact of AMAA. Knowing my family had a lengthy recovery process ahead of us and our kids being enrolled in school we committed to being stateside for at least a year. This was a win, win with the timing of the new studio. With my personal history and working with Shihan, and the great team he had in place we agreed on a plan of laying a strong foundation of families and students who would help us impact the Placentia / Yorba Linda community.

The original vision called for a more hands on approach with myself and Shihan, but not long after we broke ground on the new facility we were surprised to find a new challenge. Shihan in his autobiography “Unleash Your inner Warrior” details the many obstacles he has overcome to get to where he was today. He was now faced with a new challenge of cancer. So as we began to lay out the vision for the foundation of the school we felt that this season was another divine appointment of being at the “right place, at the right time.”

As you can see evidenced by the day to day classes with Mr. Schilling and Miss Haney, we had a great team to start with. American Martial Arts Academy, Placentia / Yorba Linda has quickly become a hub, of great families, students, and community. This last year has allowed us to lay a strong foundation for the future of AMAA. 2013 will see continued growth as we advance our first crop of green belts, and future leaders. We are seeing the combination of great teachers, and students create a very exciting learning environment. 2013 will also see a more hands on approach of Shihan Wenneberg as he is now physically able to be more involved in the classes, and day to day training on the floor. Daily he and the leadership team in Fullerton have helped manage the business excellence that AMAA has been know for. 2013 will see even more blending of the two schools toward reaching more families with the benefits of the martial arts.

As many of you know now, 2013 will also serve as a launching pad for my family and I to return to Hungary and the ministry there. Having had the privilege to help lay the foundation of another great school we will be making the transition January 23, 2013 to return to the Ministry and resume our roles teaching and working with kids from around the world. We have been so privileged to partner in the growth and building of the Dojo. Shihan Wenneberg and team have been the pioneers of changing lives through the martial arts. With the team of Mr. Schilling, Miss Haney and full weight of Shihan Wenneberg, his family and staff, our Placentia / Yorba Linda school will explode in its ability reach and impact the community.

We are so grateful to the AMAA family here in Placentia / Yorba Linda for all the trust and confidence you have demonstrated. I have been so blessed to share this first year with you all. I have seen your growth and passion and I am confident with the staff and systems here the sky is the limit. Having been a part of the growth of the Fullerton school into what is now one of the top 10 schools in the nation, I am convinced that the Placentia / Yorba Linda site is on track to be a lasting force in this community. Everyone can be confident in ownership team of the Wenneberg family that both envisioned and financed this school. They have the resources and skills to carry it and you to very exciting places.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you and your family in this season. As before we look forward to tracking your progress and hearing of your continued success. My family & I continue to be an extension of the AMAA family and will still be involved emotionally even when we are not there physically. I am passionate about our commitment to impacting this generation and the team at AMAA as well our service oversees are unified in these priorities. If you have any questions or would like to stay connected with our adventures you can follow us on our website, As well through the AMAA family. Thank you again, you can be confident in the team and leadership of American Martial Arts Academy and their commitment to giving you the finest training, facility, and experience on your journey to Black Belt. It helped changed my life and I am sure it will change yours.


Sensei Caleb Beller & Family

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Oct 2012 Missions Update

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Many of you now know that we are returning to Hungary to the Bible College in Vajta. As of November we will be leaving the house that we renting in Yorba Linda, and preparing our family and finances for our next move. Our short term goal will be to cut our expenses while working part time, developing, strengthening, and growing the vision that God has given us. Lord willing I will still be working part time for November/December to help with our up-coming expenses. This will mean I will be commuting from Murrieta back to OC a few days a week. Helping transition the Karate Studio, as well as meeting with Churches, Pastors, & people, I will be sharing the vision/ ministry for our family.

We also wanted to share Two video clips that will help you get a better idea of where we are going and what we will be doing. The first is the promo video for the bible college in Vajta. It gives you a quick glimpse into the students, staff, and facility. Click here:

YouTube Preview Image

Personally, speaking for both Kimmie and myself, we look back to certain people God had put in our lives, who took a special interest in encouraging the things of God while we were still growing in such a dark world. After rededicating her life, Kimmie had a unique opportunity to go to something very similar as AVFL, where she gained so much in the knowing and hearing the voice of God. It moved from a hearing and then doing. We also see the importance of teaching our own 4 children by living it out, so they will walk in the ways of the Lord. That is why we feel so deeply and passionately about teaching the next generation to SEEK and LOVE JESUS with all of their lives.

The next video is of our summer youth program A Vision for Life. You will be hearing a lot more from us about this program. This ministry will be the primary area of oversight that Kimmie and I will oversee through the year. It is an amazing program that we have been blessed to be a part of in the past! Each summer youth from around the world, primarily the United States will come for a life changing adventure, where they will experience the best the campus has to offer. Bible Classes, Outreaches, Service, Adventure, Fellowship, and Personal, Life-changing opportunities to build an individual relationship with Jesus Christ! Check out this video: Click here

YouTube Preview Image

Hopefully these video’s give you a little better idea of the ministry we will be a part of. The Bible College which is equipping students from around the world is one of the only Calvary Chapel campus where students can work towards a full Bachelors in Theology. Our emphasis on ministry and missions has allowed for a large network of students who are now serving over 90 different ministry positions around the world. Our AVFL program is uniquely designed for kids 15 – 20, some have come a little younger, some a little older, but primarily these kids will come for six weeks to live on campus, and through process of the program, refine and refresh their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Shaun & Megan Havelaar who have been running the program for the last few years are transitioning to a ministry team in Ethiopia. Shaun who was part of the first ever AVFL program credits his experience as the catalyst that radically changed his and many others for a life of surrender and ministry.

Financially we are preparing to purchase tickets to Hungary for our family of six which will be about $4,000. We know that as God is guiding we will trust that He will also provide. We have seen God do some miracles even in  our midst in the last few months. Late at the end of the summer, just as we were making the decision to commit to Hungary we were faced with a month of $0 income. This would have been crippling to us financially as our expenses here in OC, with no income, would have depleted what was left of our savings. By God’s grace no sooner did we find ourselves overwhelmed by the “what are we going to do?”; then a close friend was led to drop off an envelop with our rent. He left a note with the reference Acts 2:42-47. We are learning that faith is not the absence of fear but what we do in the face of it. We are confident in our King and His provision. We know that His word says “He will supply all our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus” Phil 4:19

We are grateful that so many of you have been a part of fulfilling these things in our midst. If you feel led to be a part of our monthly support team or you would like to support us in our launch you can donate through our Calvary Chapel Fullerton paypal account: Here  all gifts are tax deductible, and go completely towards our family and ministry expenses. THANK YOU!

Till all have heard,
Caleb, Kim, and Family

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We have some exciting news!

August 11th, 2012 1 comment

But First we wanted to say how blessed we are to share this season of being home in the States with you all. The support and comfort have overwhelmed us and humbled us. We have been so blessed by the Love… it has given us so much strength and hope as we take each step of faith.

That being said, most of you all know we have been in a place of willingness, trusting that the Lord will guide us in our next step as a family. Along with you, Our prayer has been to be in a place where we can invest all of ourselves in the building and strengthening of God’s Kingdom. We have and continue to be open to church planting, reaching the lost, and reaching out to places in need.

One thing that has never changed in this whole time of waiting is the impact and burden we feel about the ministry CCBCE in Hungary. Words can not describe how unique and life changing this place is to so many. Students come from around the world to Live, Develop and Grow into men and women who have a heart to change the world. They are learning to Do it, not just say it!

A phrase that the Lord continues to give us as we seek His direction,  is found in Jeremiah 51. “Prepare the nations for battle” The staff and students had become an extension of our family. We still reap the blessing of getting messages and visits from  students from around the world here in California!  Since our departure we have stayed in contact and hear the continued work and growth of the ministry in Hungary. This place has truly set a standard for us of what it is like to live and serve as a family in the fullness of the Fathers love.

As many of you having been up to date, the Lord directed us home to California to see Kimmie through a nearly ‘impossible’ surgery and delivery. We were given the most amazing ‘high risk’ medical team and treatment that she received. Praise the Lord! She and our son are both living and breathing Miracles!

In leaving Hungary, positions where filled, and we have been working hard to redeem the time here. Before we left, we felt a burden firing up within our hearts for Australia. Particularly in the Southern areas. On our knees, we have continued to work on the puzzle pieces of that stirring vision. As it continues to build momentum, there will be some clear indications however. For us to be able to sustain and be approved for a religious worker visa we will need Three things:

  1. The Visa
  2. A sponsoring ministry (Calvary Chapel Melbourne)
  3. A support base of $4,000 – 5,000 US for the government to grant our request.

We know that if the Lord wants us there, nothing is going to stop His orchestration.

The work in Australia is growing! Living in many nations, we find that we have True Peace in only setting our hearts towards Heaven.

Recently,  we have received some answers to the next step. The Lord is moving and shaking things in Hungary, and some of our Family there are preparing to transition out into some new steps of faith. One will be leaving to help assist and pastor a church fellowship in the east coast. The other may be leaving with his young family to the heart breaking missions work in Ethiopia, Africa. Both amazing men and their families with a great call on their lives.


In the meanwhile it looks like the door may be opening for our family to return home to Hungary to serve at the Bible College . This opportunity will allow our family to continue to serve in our mission to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.” My wife and I have full confidence in this ministry and its vision to equip, disciple, and impact this next generation. We consider it such a privilege to be even a small part of this amazing team. This will also give us time to grow the vision and team to potentially launch into the Land Down Under. We are so blessed to have open doors, and the privilege to take these things to you guys and wait and watch what He will do.

As before we will be serving as full time missionaries; We are each supported by churches, family, and friends who are willing to invest in us and through us. Because of the many who have been so willing to encourage and equip us to go; we feel empowered to share in your enthusiasm and invest ourselves fully into building the kingdom of Christ. With four healthy children, my amazing wife and I will once again ask for your prayerful support in being a part of our Team. Having been down this road before we know that much of our success is directly related to the team the Lord uses to sustain us.

Prayer requests: Here are a few things that we will be facing and working towards as of now Aug 2012. Our plan is to fly back to Hungary early January 2013 for the spring semester. Currently we are beginning the transition process, physically, financially and emotionally… we are readying ourselves to be moved.

Financial Support:  Calvary Chapel Fullerton will continue as our covering ministry for those who would like to support us financially. As of now you can begin your support through our missions account.  All funds will go directly to us and towards this launch. The owner of the Karate studio was gracious enough to let me work during the transition. I will be taking a reduced salary to allow us to focus on training a new team during this transition.

On the field finances will go towards: being able to live (rent), travel on outreaches, and Daily Family Needs, transportation etc. Each missionary is supported by the team that God has called to send them.

Before we go these are some things we are currently working through:

  • Pay off the debt accrued here while living (before we started working), before we leave
  • Tickets & moving cost relocating back to Hungary
  • Transportation (Car for our family in Hungary & Selling our SUV stateside before we leave)
  • Finances during this season of transitioning from full time work.

Prayer Support: we are so often in need of Prayer: we have seen the Lord work so many different miracles of peace and power through our prayer team. “The power of prayer truly turns the wheels of faith”

  • We are asking that many would be willing themselves and also their church bodies to place us on the prayer list, so that we can rest in the confidence of the prayers of His people.
  • Pray for wisdom and confirmation. That the Lord would both inspire us with His vision and empower us with His Spirit.

Physical Support: we would never have been able to do what we have done it was not for the love poured out through family and friends to help us accomplish what we could never have done on our own.

  • Packing, moving, shipping, wrapping, babysitting or shopping for our needs; so many loving hands have touched our lives in so many ways.  We will be in transition back to Hungary January 2013. This will mean we will start preparing now to be in a place of readiness to go.
  • Homeschooling: Knowledge and Grace to Do it! Charis 3rd Grade, Hope 1st Grade and Justice PreK to Kinder, while juggling Baby Cruz 🙂
  • Please be in prayer for work. During this season of transition we will be praying God’s protection and blessing on my work-place at the Karate Studio, as we transition.
  • Renting, we will need to move from the place we are renting soon to help minimize expenses as we prepare to go. With our work transitioning, and expenses still living here OC pray the Lord gives us wisdom for making this decision at the right time…it will impact the kids schooling, my work, teaching at CCCM etc.

We have always learned that as we begin to Step Out, There can and will be resistance and opposition:

  • Wisdom and strength to walk in His will
  • Protection and grace for our family as we leave
  • Encouragement and comfort for our Family who will be stateside (being apart from     their Grandchildren)
  • Financial provision and protection to launch. (Plain tickets, support, visas, Passports, Homeschool curriculum, preparation and work)
  • The team in Hungary (students and staff we will be serving with) Wisdom for future possibilities in Australia (Calvary Chapel Melbourne, & Pastor Andrew Russell)

We have been so amazed at how He stretches our faith and builds our confidence through you all.  He will provide the way and will to do it according to His purposes.

With Love and gratitude,
Till He Returns,

Caleb, Kim & Family

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Hysteria or Hysterectomy?

July 20th, 2011 1 comment


“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; 

is anything too difficult for Me”?

Jeremiah 32:27

As we’ve been home for 4 weeks now, we have exerted through children’s parties, trips to Costco, and red white and blue skies for the next doctor’s appointment due for July 11. It has been a fun time just settling in to our new life here in Orange County, California.(Not gonna lie, getting 6 pairs of cute Old Navy Flip-Flops for 10 dollars is a perk..) All along, as we dive fully into 27 weeks of ‘babiness’, we ponder the next findings from our high risk doctors.

You pregnant ladies know about the dreaded Glucose ‘orange dream’ test you have to drink in order to test for gestational diabetes. Yep, I drank that yesterday and breathed like a dragon, between gulps, in hopes to avoid any lasting taste. My husband said, “I would say that’s annoying…” but was quickly cut off when I quickly gave him ‘the side eye.’ Just imagine the eye of the dragon. So far I think I’m good, although every pregnancy to date, I have had to drink it TWICE for some kind of inconclusive definition to the test. Darn it! Here’s to hoping. They haven’t called back yet. (So as we drove home, we stopped at the Donut Shop for a Maple Bar Donut–haven’t had one of those since I was a kid!). 

But yes, I found myself doing a bunch of blood tests and peeing in the cups yesterday. And as 1 and 2 doctors came in to check and double check my ultrasounds, they seem to give the looks and us all the answers that you hope they’d get right to the point for, but at the same time, actually dread hearing them say out loud.

In our last pregnancy with Buddy, My doctor had made me aware of the fear of placenta accreta, which to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to. I remember on the c-section table though, as at that time having my 2nd placenta previa, and  little Justice was born, the doctor said, ‘the placenta came out quite nicely.’ But this time, Caleb likes to coin it as, ‘A new Twist’ in play.  And  for a second time that hour, they liberally squeezed the warm gel on this ever-growing belly of mine, they moved the probe around to re-confirm their verdict. 

They were 100% sure I had Placenta Accreta potentially moving to Incretia. I am 1 out of 2,500 women that experience this! Wow! This is a story that I haven’t trekked into thus far. They explained it like so: Each Pregnancy, through each c-section, it has created scar tissue. Therefore, the Placenta magnets toward, but cannot implant or grab hold of that area, so it’s pushing further on, even towards my bladder!  As they searched the ultrasound picture, the layer between the uterus and the placenta is not visible. As far as normal, this is not. 

As they began spilling their information, a heaviness began to surge in my chest. You know the kind of feeling that begins high in your stomach and as the words are arriving in your ears, your fears can rise high and fast. I find it most comforting to share what God did in that moment. As the terrors arose, He said, “Why should  you fear? I am with you. I AM with you.” I chose right then and there, to let it all go. All of my heartquakes were beaten down in that moment by my Father’s still voice.

Isaiah 41:13

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.


Isaiah 41:10




So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. 


Romans 8:15




For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but you have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.


Hopie dressing up in Daddy’s clothes

She went on to share the potential risk is that the placenta might possibly be embedding past the normal layer, and through the uterus to other organs. It’s like a scary story! It’s like that Blob that won’t quit! Due to the likely hood of a full hemorrhage with trying to detach the placenta during delivery, she shared that it’s probably better that we just give a full hysterectomy. They will basically be taking out the uterus, and the only change for me will be that I won’t be able to have any more children. Since I was a child, I have wanted four. This still has multiple danger issues with loss of blood,and I will most likely need a blood transfusion during surgery.


Suffice it to say that our beautiful baby is Healthy! They say he’s like a poster child for ultrasounds since he loved to show his profile…little Cutie! But it’s true that we are in need of prayer. We will be going back for weekly visits. Our next week’s appointment will be about taking a look at my cervix. There is a certain length we are looking for, and as of now, it is going down. This means that my body is heading towards delivery a bit on the ‘early’ side. This is also a prayer request. If all goes well, we will be delivering as late as 36 weeks…

I know that my God is with me, but the Bible also says that there is power in people who pray together. I thank you so much for reading this and as much as I stand in a small spot, I feel freedom. Thank You for your ongoing support! 

Have any of you been in a spot like this? How did God reveal Himself to you?

Remembering with you that Nothing is TOO difficult for God!

All Love.

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Seeing Circles this Summer

July 2nd, 2011 1 comment

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise,

redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

Ephesians 5:15-17

I remember in the beginning, as I began to walk my walk with Jesus, I sat with  a girl who once encouraged me, as I sipped a cup of coffee, “You have to walk Circumspectly…” This verse has always lit up in my mind when I think of these times. I knew little of how to guard myself as a brand new Christian in a world full of Fun house mirrors, where simple meandering can distort your outlook.

I tend to piece the Word apart in my head. Circum= Circle, and Spect= Seeing. Seeing the Circle around me.  Understanding that gathering Knowledge over time, is not the same thing as Wisdom, I stand back and listen, always allowing myself to see and learn.

Being back in the States, I have found this verse ringing in my head. I often tell my kids, while walking in parking lots, to keep their eyes open for treasures. We must first pay attention to the safety factors, obviously, watching for the possibilities of cars backing out, but at the same time, scanning the area for little things people may have unwittingly dropped. It’s just a third eye I have gained in time. My Dad is the best example of that. He’s found many of treasures just keeping an eye open even on hurried days!

Along with this, fresh off the mission field, I teach my babes about this ‘new culture’.  My kids have walked little on American Soil, when it comes to daily cultural understandings. In Europe, the freedom of walking in a community where other people are going to generously shadow your children was a comfort. Knowing we were all there to watch out for each other’s kids was a joy. Learning the new rules of things like: not answering the door, running outside whenever, and riding their bikes up a ways, is not necessarily a liberty.

Knowledge is teaching them to hold hands in a parking lot, Wisdom is knowing the possibilities of what could happen and acting rightly, even though they’ve never experienced it. Those are the kind of treasures I want them to pick up. I look forward, and never want to live in regret. It takes moments, but in a child-like lesson, keeping safe, while looking for treasures is not to make the most of time, but making the most of The Time.

On a Spiritual note, this for me, is paying attention for those who are seeking His Truth.

‘This verse ‘walking circumspectly’ isn’t telling us to make the most of every moment, even though that is good advice. He tells us to seize opportunity for the glory of Jesus. The idea behind redeeming the time is that you buy up opportunities like a shrewd businessman. You make the most of every opportunity for Jesus Christ.’ David Guzik, BLB

Happy Father's Day, Caleb!


Speaking of businessmen!, Caleb is busy finding himself returning to the Karate Studio, American Martial Arts Academy, as a Consultant to other Karate Studios who may need a little steering.  He is also continuing as an Assistant Pastor for our home church Calvary Chapel of Fullerton. In Addition, he has been asked to teach twice a week at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in the Bible College. He will be teaching Biblical Missions. We are truly excited for this, for it will keep the Missions fire lit deep in our hearts while we seek God’s next step for our family. We are blessed. Keep us in your prayers!

He has also been quite the handyman to our new rented home here in Orange County. Being busy making little revisions to our cozy little home! 


Oh man, here I am, staying close to home and finding things to do! Both of our parents live within 5 miles of us, and wow, this has been a great blessing, not only for the help but the company and care! Our children are loving it! I am 26 weeks pregnant now, and eating everything in sight! Our Baby Boy is kicking and happy , so all thanks be to God!

Meeting up with a few friends from High School

The Kids

We have been keeping them busy keeping up with the Library events, reading many books, and going to many Storybook, Laser show, and Puppet events. They have been going to Vacation Bible School events, swimming, while picking back up with Karate. This has been a special blessing to see them in them in their little uniforms! Cutest! They also have a good-sized backyard to let their imaginations run free, while climbing a tree, or spying on an unexpected pet…We have a bunny friend who hangs out in the back!

We are blessed..! Thank You, Jesus!

If you would like to know more about our Kids and Family, from a Mom’s point of view, Please go to my Mommy

There are so many God Stories since we’ve been home, Everything from providing a House, Medical Insurance, Food, Work, and Joy! “And there are also many other things that Jesus did (has done), which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen. Jn 21:25   Thank You for reading, and keeping up with us! Till next time…

Happy 4th!,

The Beller Family

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9 days

June 12th, 2011 No comments

As I sit here in the morning, I feel the subtle movements of a baby stirring in my belly. It sparks me to think of the reality that this little child is nearing 23 weeks, fully formed in stature, yet outside of the womb, cannot live a healthy Day. It interesting to me to feel all of these kicks, and know that he is still in need of this dwelling den!

Spiritually, I am compelled to see this example as our one true need of God. Yes, we look like a fully formed individual. We can eat, exercise, kick, punch, but outside of His care and plan, our breaths are not our own. This baby is my glittering example of that.


You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble

and surround me with songs of deliverance.

Psalm 32:7

Physically,this same illustration directs my thoughts to the duty of protecting this child as the Mama kangaroo pouch that I am. My Husband used to say”You’re a Perfect Baby Carrier!” all the time, as I often felt ‘large and in charge’ ! or of course, “Does this baby make me look fat?” He always has the right words to say.
Everyday, I learn more and more of who I am in this baby’s little growing life. I think twice before taking medicine, caffeine, foods, or lifting, etc. This little spirit means so much to me more and more every minute! Pregnancy is an amazing gift…and I am learning to deny taking it for granted.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,

who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17

Just knowing that I am not reduced to just a ‘holder’ in the midst of this time of risk, but a gal entrusted with a Gift from God. Not only do I have a purpose, but this baby boy does too; It makes me love this baby all the more. I hug my belly, I’m not gonna lie…

Medical Talk

So catching you up to speed, we are safely in California learning all the more about what the possibilities of this pregnancy are. A lot of people are inquiring about how they’ve heard that this issue ofcomplete placenta previa can possibly correct itself. We have hoped for that each time, but as we have learned that the best predictor of the future is to look at the past. Every time that hope was dropped in our hearts, it never corrected itself.

Recently we found out that as each pregnancy ensues, the chance of the placenta imbedding itself is greater! The number of cesarian- sections leaves a scar on the inner wall of the womb. This will be our 3rd c-section. The placenta can then, develop behind the scar which leads to Placenta Accreta.  This is where it attaches itself too deeply into the wall of the uterus. ‘This abnormally firm attachment of the placenta to the uterine wall prevents the placenta from separating normally after delivery.’ The dangers can be severe because removing it can cause hemorrhaging or possible damage to other organs during removal. It could mean that I could have blood transfusions and end up in the ICU…

Now we wouldn’t think too much about having a c-section this time, because there are great doctors out there! Our Hungarian Doctor, Dr. Levente was a great one, and we were willing to go under his care the whole duration. The difference is both risks are put together.

Caleb has been running around town working on finding the best High Risk Doctor around, and Lord willing, we are waiting to see what God is going to do! We would really love your prayers in these situations, Friends! Thank you for your care!

Traveling and Transition

On the long flight over from Europe to the States, Little Buddy came walking over to my chair and said, “I wanna go home.” I asked him, “Where’s Home?” He states, “You know with Nina and Sarah…” the little girls that lived in our community. My heart dropped for a moment, pondering the thought of my little 3 year old not knowing anything different. He knew nothing different than that grassy, fenced front yard where kids are safe and people spoke familiar words of Hungarian and English. His little preschool was but 2 miles away, and he could ride his bike pretty far for a 3 year old. He could knock on anyone’s door and receive a hug, care and a cookie… Teaching my kids ‘Stranger Danger’ is  a whole new culture.


Our whole life drastically changed in 9 days. From the news of ‘high risk’ to the first step on the plane, we were arriving on American Soil. We do believe that God has paved this way, even if we weren’t fully aware of it. We see His Fingerprints everywhere. He has provided everything from a car, a place to stay, and the joy of being with our family. 2 days before we left, our Hopie learned to ride a bike without training wheels!

We have so many God-stories piling up. One to mention, in the midst of this whirlwind was when we wheeled our 10 packed bags into the Budapest airport, 2 for each of us,with our carry-ons and personal items falling off the carts, we arrive at the ticket counter only to hear the ticket agent says ‘Only 1 check-in each’. Paul, Caleb, Nastya and I began to pray while Caleb discussed it enthusiastically. I believed from the beginning, that God would allow this to go through and after 10 long minutes, the Agent hung up the phone, and said, “My manager says Yes.” That’s My God!!!  They allowed 5 extra bags that somehow were not accounted for in their computer!
Of course, The loss of family back in Hungary is still in our hearts, but knowing that we are still fighting the same fight- this brings joy to this battleground. So Thank you, and we still welcome your prayers so much in the midst of this Transition…
Knowing our God is for us,

The Beller Family



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A New Thing

May 29th, 2011 2 comments

Dear Friends and Family,

This is going to be a crazy update! Our minds are still whirling with Shock, Excitement, and heavy-heartedness all mixed into one! To begin,Caleb and I were reminded in our quiet time this morning of a verse we stand encouraged by:

Psalm 62:11-12

One thing God has spoken, two things I have heard: “Power belongs to you, God, and with you, Lord, is unfailing love; and,“You reward everyone according to what they have done.”

The Lord has been impressing upon our hearts a change in store for our lives. Long before we found out that we were pregnant, we felt His whispers in our heart of a new thing. Not necessarily comfortable things, but a New thing.

Habakkuk 1:5

“Look at the nations and watch–and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.

We have had an amazing time, learning, growing and sharing our lives with some amazing missionaries here in Hungary whom we now call Family. Little did we know, that after a brief 2 and 1/2 years, He would ask us again, ‘Are you willing?’ We do know that all His ways are good and that we will trust in Him alone. It is a crazy thing to know not how we got to this point, but in a world full of uncertainty, we trust that He is leading us.

So to begin, we have been praying for the country of Australia for a long time. God has been revealing many things about the condition and heart of the country, but before we take too many steps ahead, we would just like to ask for you to join us in prayer.

Nehemiah 2:12..I had not told anyone what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem…

Caleb taught the book of Nehemiah this semester, and like Nehemiah himself, felt a fire begin, and took that first step to go and meet with a few good men to scout out the land. Caleb will be going this summer first to Melbourne in Victoria, and then to Adelaide in South Australia to see what God is doing. I had been involved with Youth with a Mission for 4 years, centrally based in Australia. So keeping connected with friends, they have encouraged us that there is a big stirring and many eyes are returning back to Australia…

The Territory of South Australia has no Calvary Chapels at the moment.  Our heart is to draw closer to God through it all, and see what He wants to do. Let our Faith Arise!

While we had prayerfully brought this up to the Bible College Director here in Hungary, he freely handed us over to God’s direction. That’s what this place is all about! Raise them up, and with open hands, send them out! We have felt so much confirmation, even though it is a little scary at times.

As we were pondering these things, We received news that we will be having another little BOY! Justice will have what he likes to call a ‘Brother Baby’. We are so thankful for God’s Plan in our lives. Nothing I could have ever picked for myself, but am so blessed by my Father to pick it for our Family! With this update also came the news that for the third pregnancy we have again a  complete placenta previa.  It was definite this too will be a “high risk” pregnancy.

(Guys who can’t handle it, you don’t have to read this paragraph!)

The Pregnancy

So with that, some of you may remember our pregnancy ordeals before.We had had a ‘Complete’ Placenta Previa for both Hope and Justice’s pregnancies. This means that where the Placenta should be way up high, It sits not only at the bottom, but covers the birth canal. Again, the placenta normally attaches to the upper portion of the uterus ( I had to use the word uterus, didn’t I) which is more muscular and stronger to support the placenta. However, in placenta previa the placenta attaches to the lower portion of the uterus which is weaker, thinner, and more vascular.

As you enter your second and third trimester, the cervix begins to thin and stretch in preparation for labor. As this area stretches it can cause the blood vessels to break therefore causing bleeding. So imagine, as the weight of the baby grows and expands, it can increasingly become very dangerous. Placenta previa can lead to complications for both mother and baby. Complications that arise include hemorrhaging, preterm labor, anemia for either mother or baby. This occurs in about 1 in 200 births. I don’t know why it keeps happening to me, but knowing our history, it is not a question of ‘If’, but ‘When’.

And even more so, the risk factors add up, for each pregnancy. These include:

Previous history of placenta previa X

Having given birth before (second or greater pregnancy) X

Over the age of 35 (Hey! I just turned 35) X

Prior delivery of a baby via cesarean section X

Wow, that’s a lot of factors!

So,Placenta previa will usually require bed rest and frequent visits to the doctor or hospital. I may be given steroid shots to mature the baby’s lungs because I am  still at risk for delivering early. Treatment will vary depending on how far along I am in my pregnancy. If I start bleeding, which is how it has gone down in the past, or having contractions, I will be hospitalized.  If bleeding stops, the doctor may send me home on bed rest. If bleeding cannot be controlled, an immediate c section is given regardless of length of gestation.

Because the risk of hemorrhaging is higher for women with placenta previa, mothers will be monitored for signs of hemorrhaging.

One last factor was that, Justice, being born earlier, was taken to the NICU due to immature lungs. He needed to be in for a little longer, so looking back, we remember the difficult times we had, but all along, God was so faithful!

This is why, after factoring all of these results, knowing our past, and living 50 minutes away from the nearest Hospital, we must return Home.

This,coupled with the Vision and the Baby, we will most likely be in America for a year. WOW! God is in the business of Adventure! As time goes on, things will increasingly become more dangerous, so with the small window of time we have now, we  will be leaving in Mid-June.

Looking at all the Blessings of this place, overwhelmed with the thought of naming them all, we know that being here is not about the Place, but the People. The Family and Community here is so Special. That even if we ever found ourselves not agreeing with each other, we still held on to each other, and looked out for each other’s backs. That was one of the greatest things about How God Designed This Place! This is a community of how God wants Christians to be able to live together. And we are leaving better people because He gave us grace to be here and learn with everyone.

We Love You all,

and till we see each other again,


The Beller Family

*Please Pray for this whole situation. Pregnancy, Birth, and Transition of our Family. That things will run smoothly with what we leave behind, but also for our return to Ca.



Here is where the road divides

Here is where we realize

The sculpting of the father’s great design


Thru’ times you’ve been a friend to me

But time is now the enemy

I wish we didn’t have to say goodbye

But I know the road he chose for me

Is not the road he chose for you

So as we chase the dreams we’re after


Pray for me and I’ll pray for you

Pray that we will keep the common ground

Won’t you pray for me and I’ll pray for you

And one day love will bring us back around again


Painted on our tapestry

We see the way it has to be

Weaving thru’ the laughter and the tears

But love will be the tie that binds us

To the time we leave behind us

Memories will be our souvenirs

And I know that thru’ it all

The hardest part of love is letting go

But there’s a greater love that holds us


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‘Where’s the Comforter?’

May 1st, 2011 1 comment

“Mommy…I’m scared,” I hear my first born whisper at the foot of the bed. The room is dark, the moon is still out, and I was barely conscious. So I open the comforter, to let her crawl in between us. I feel her snuggle up next to me, as she says softly, “I had a bad dream, and I didn’t like it…” I started thinking about the years I would do this with my parents, and how comforted I would feel to lay there. I could go right to sleep with no fears in the world. As I turn to give her a squeeze, I reach for her hand in the quiet of the night. I feel her little dog, ‘OO-OO’ in her grasp with one paw in her hand.

My heart was warmed as I realized she was holding her own ‘baby’s’ hand. I’ve heard many, many times, how I should hold on to the time, for it won’t be long. And in that delicate moment, I realized that she would one day grow up, and these years of reaching would someday be mere dreams. So I held my 7 year old with that in mind.

“And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever– the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you.” John 14:16-17

Isn’t this just like God in our lives? Even as we have grown up, we still have somewhere to fall, and lay our heads. I can think of the most snug and cozy Bed- Comforter where it’s both serene and cool, yet soft and sheltering all at once. And barely keeping your eyes opened,you can pull it up over you so you can rest untroubled; That’s a feeling that emulates the Holy Spirit in our lives. God will never leave us comfortless. He sent His Holy Spirit to us as our Comforter. God knows all that we’ll face in this world, and knows we cannot possibly do it all in our own strength. We just can’t.

So why do we try? Because it’s natural to be this way. All of these anxious thoughts at night, these scary imaginable dreams of ‘what if’ that taunt us day and night are a common-trudged path. But knowing that He’s there, are we indulging our time in how we ‘cannot’ do things, or are we Trusting in what He said he would do? The word Comforter translates from the greek as one who ‘stands beside’ to give ‘comfort and counsel’.The Lord has taught me to not even look to the ‘imagined’ but stay right where and what He has said. Getting too far ahead can break me. So Glad He’s a Promise Keeper!


Thank You So much for keeping up with us in these months. We are extremely blessed by your care and Prayers. I admire you so much to be selfless and take time to check up on us and pray for us out here on the mission field. It means a lot to not be forgotten. We are doing well. Living out God’s call on our lives can sometimes be lonely but always rewarding and exciting. We just trust God as our endless Hope. And one day, WOW! That Hope in Christ will bring us all back to the same place! Praise God! 

On the Horizon

Caleb and I are doing well, just going day by day with the tasks of the day.

Caleb, overseeing the conference center, is gearing up for the upcoming conferences of the summer, leading out with our very own CCBCE Foundations Conference! It’s always a great time with missionaries coming from all over to be ministered to and refreshed of the Holy Spirit. More on this later…

2 other things will kick off with the culmination of the conferences, are the ‘A VISION FOR LIFE’ Program, and the ‘SUMMER OF SERVICE’ Program. If you’re a teenager, or 20 something and are looking for a refreshing time of discipleship in a place set apart to learn more about Jesus this summer, look into our 6 week program at ! You won’t return home the same! If you would love to learn the art of Service and want to live in Hungary for a couple of months this summer, come be a part of our Summer of Service Program!

The Kiddos

Charis turned 7 in April and we celebrated it with true Princess style. Since she’s a bit of a science girl, we got her and her siblings some Butterfly nets to celebrate with. They have caught a good handful so far!

We also recently got to take a day off and go to the Zoo as a family, What an amazing time to walk around on a most beautiful day! The Budapest Zoo is simply beautiful, and this was the first time we went around the whole day with all of them on foot. We haven’t had too many of these opportunities to get out, so realizing that they were all capable of getting themselves around was a huge bonus.  It won’t be long like this!

We would also like to ask that you keep our children’s schooling in your prayers. We are in need of one more Teacher.

For more thoughts, please go to my Mommy Website!


This pregnancy, so far, has been Amazing! We are going to a hungarian doctor in the city who shares in broken english with us for our appointments. Being that we’ve been around this block before, we can mostly understand what is coming. But in all honesty, just taking Prenatal Vitamins has been the measuring stick we stand by. When in America, I was able to ask many questions, get updates on weeks and months, get answers immediately with information from books, and rubbing shoulders with other pregnant women, that I realize now what an abundant blessing it was to have a baby in America. But here is where God has called me, and I will continue to try my best at carrying this beautiful gift!

A funny custom that Caleb and I experience is how when we walk into the Doctor’s waiting room, and all of the hungarian couples are sitting there, we are all supposed to greet each other with “Szia Stok”, which means ‘Hello All’, and also, “Szia Stok” when we leave which means ‘Goodbye All’. So you can only imagine every time someone walks in and out! It’s just a polite custom! 

Food wise, I feel like I am eating so much! I love to eat fruit and such, but the actual eating seems to be a lot! Did any other of you Pregnant people find yourself eating Lunch at 10:30 a.m.?

Please keep us in prayer. We are in our 17th week, and went to our doctor’s appt. yesterday. He noticed that the placenta was lower than last time, but he wouldn’t call it a previa. Knowing our history, this is a definite prayer request. We don’t want to go to the ‘imagined’ yet, but just trust God will take us healthily through this pregnancy. We don’t yet know What the baby is! But it is about 5 oz. now, and about 5 inches long. Yipee! xoxo


Caleb recently had a very neat experience with a man who lives behind us. Unless you know the whole background of what it is like to grow up gypsy, here in Europe, we could never quite convey the right message. For some reason it’s  a class of people that are looked down upon, but look just like anyone else. It’s an evil prejudice that is alive and well here in Hungary. It can be a vicious cycle of becoming what you are raised, or told you are, so you don’t rise up out of it, and live up to it even, but at the same time, if God gets ahold of you, what a changed life, amazing life!

There is a family that lives behind us with a very sad situation. The daughter got pregnant and the parents have put a heavy yoke upon the boyfriend that moved in with them. They would make him work very hard around the land. Looking back this past winter, the girls and I remember seeing him cut down a tree in the bitter cold, right near our kitchen window, just to bring wood into their home for a fire to keep warm.

The first I had heard of them, is where they needed food, because the parents would not do a thing to support the family. Dori, the daughter would come by our neighbor’s, the Langes, and ourselves as well, to find food for the family. She was pregnant and willing to clean for food or money. Miki, the boyfriend began to come around once the daughter went on bed rest, and began sharing their lives with us. Jeanette and Paul, our neighbors, played a significant role in inviting him in when he began to share his hardships and how he couldn’t go on like this. Caleb was there that day, and was able to lead him to Christ, and wow, to see a change lit up!

Both Miki and Dori come by the castle now and are able to eat along with us all! Just this last thursday, they dedicated baby Jennifer, and Miki gave his testimony. What an amazing message to Witness. He shared that it was as if he was dead, but now he is alive! All that he wants to do now is read his Bible. Even Dori, who is not saved, YET, notices that he is so different. The first thing he does is gets up and reads his Bible. Please pray for their little family. Pray that God provides a way for them to live, and that Dori will get saved! 

10 Day Outreach

Along with this, we just recently had our 10 day outreaches where teams went to serve Calvary Chapels in Finland, Spain,Hungary,Scotland,Romania,Slovenia and Croatia. People were saved and I hope to share more stories very soon! 

One of my own is how the Vajta team got to go street witnessing in a nearby city, Sarbogard. Charis and I were able to go with them, pray, and get out there to evangelize as a drama was done, and music was played! It was an amazing time with the students as God used us boldly. We were all like a united front, taking our posts. We walked up to people who were surprisingly very open to hearing our testimonies. I was able to share with one group of girls via a translator about how God brought me out of death to Life, and the condemnation I went through, and how- one by one, the ropes of bondage fell off. That’s God’s power! They agreed with eyes cast down, and wanted another time to talk again. We will be sharing with them soon. Please pray that they will see the Truth of God!

All that being said, we are glad to report that God is here and we are trusting Him. Thank You again for being such a great support. Like Nehemiah, there was always oppression, but he kept his eyes on the goal. Thank YOU for lifting us up.  It is a great COMFORT. Loving You,

Till Jesus Comes,

Kim, Caleb, Charis, Hope, Justice and baby


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From Sleepy to Weepy

April 4th, 2011 No comments

Anyone ever had a heart for the wicked? Weird Thought. Personally, when I hear of someone who has died, and you know that they were not living a life for the Lord, I love to dream that maybe their thoughts and hearts changed right at the last Breath. And wow, I believe with all of my heart that It is such a Possibility, That’s why I’m even bringing it up! I believe in the Hope of Christ! I believe that he wants none to perish, but for all to come to repentance, and that he would make himself so available to them, even on their Death Beds. What an interesting thought. Their last breath unto death is a Breath of life. Our God would do that, because He is not only loving, He is Love.

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son…1 John 4:9

But, to No Avail, it is true, that there are those who do not receive him. It is so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that not only did they not ‘choose’ him, but they will live alone, an eternity of separation from Him.

I was listening to a message by Cheryl Brodersen recently, and she was sharing about a time when she lived down in vista, Ca. where a friend’s brother had died. He had gotten into a terrible Automobile accident and wasn’t walking with the lord. Cheryl’s friend couldn’t go down to the morgue to claim the body, so the older brother made his way there. The mortician asked if there was any clothes that they would like to bury him in since his shirt had been torn off in the the accident. Not having anything, the brother remembered that he had a sweatshirt in his trunk, so he ran back to get it,and gave it to the mortician.

On the day of the funeral, Cheryl and her friend stood in the back as there was an open casket ceremony. They watched as a bunch of drug addicts and partyers piled their way in. They all got in line to say parting goodbyes to their friend laying there lifeless. And as they got there, they would all jump back in astonishment.

The Girls in the back were wondering what was making them react like this. So they got in line, and as they came up to the casket, they  looked down and his sweatshirt said,

“Salvation. Don’t leave earth without it”

God doesn’t send anyone to hell, We make that choice. Separation to me is not only torture for eternity, but forever without the one true hope. the hope that was revealed to them at one time, yet  chose to turn their hearts. People like to see hell as a joke. and the description in their minds is almost cartoon like. Maybe getting singed if we get too close to the fire. It makes me think of this quote by H. Fenton:

“Hell is God giving to men what they have wanted all their lives

– freedom from Him.”

And that’s why more and more, Caleb and I, our hearts are feeling such a  burden for the lost. These are serious times, folks.

I know that God has called us for this time to Disciple young lives. It is something that he sees fit to build within us, and Lord knows, I’ll take it!But oh how my heart burns to be out there witnessing in His Spirit. This is what brings me to life! He made me this way, and I will obey what he has for me today! I just want Him to use me wherever I’m at!


So we have announced recently that we are going to have Baby # 4! We are due at the end of September. I have continued to work on a special Mommy blog which gives the inside details of my children and this pregnancy, so if you would like to know more, you can read about it at We are very excited and a little shocked at God’s story for our lives.

I was pregnant last nearly 3 1/2 years ago! Contemplating this whole new chapter for my life, I realize that I will see things a lot differently this time around. Back then, there was always a  wonder of when the next one will come, I was in a different state of mind. It was my first round of children. Today I am 35. This time, God is teaching me to truly appreciate each stage. Things are also slower here, so I have time to do so!

Also, We have had two miscarriages, and 2 Complete placenta previas in our past. This means that the Placenta is low-lying and quite possibly very dangerous. It’s a great praise report to announce  that when we saw the baby on ultrasound, the Dr. said that the placenta was very high up! Praise God! We ask that you would Keep us in prayer. Being in a foreign land is almost an adventure with this pregnancy, but still a lot of hoops we have to jump each time we go to the Doctor. We will let you know what it is when we find out!

I have recently noticed as I am entering the 2nd trimester, that I have turned from super sleepy, to just plain weepy. Everything seems so deep and meaningful. Almost like internally spiritual and deep, like I’m hearing God’s heartbeat. I feel so deeply people’s emotion, let alone my own! What is going on with my body?! God Help Me!


Caleb is doing great with his Nehemiah class. He is loving it and finding out how much more he really loves this book of the Bible. Along with teaching Apologetics, all is well. Just an update, he will not be going to Romania for 10 day outreach, but Lord knows he will stay busy with our upcoming Conference Season!


Justice has turned 3! He began Oveda the other day. I took him with his sister, Hopie, and she began to show him around. It just happened to be Picture day, so things were a little full, pressing through the preschool room seams, but Buddy took it in stride. And as I slipped out, for a couple of hours, I found myself in wondering place. I began to drive and realized that my house was going to be empty for a part of 3 days each new week. My babies are in a foreign speaking schoolhouse, Charis is up at the castle, and here I am feeling nostalgiac. Something about them not here, is foreign. But I have to tell myself that it is for them, and not me. They are receiving a priceless exposure. Lord, they are in your hands. I trust You!

My Deeper Thoughts

Sometimes I ponder how I used to take each day as an adventure. I remember the wild sunny days in the breezy beaches. Each new day, I needed to brace myself and cry out, “I’m about to make a memory!” Picture snapped. Memory Glued. Life goes on.

Now I’m not downplaying the excitement of each breath of life today. But with each new season, or new friend to make around the corner, life itself has gotten a l i t t l e more  responsible. More accountable. There’s no wonder with a Husband, 3 children and ministry, at the age of 35, that I should have this experience, but I think Youth was a gift. I was so greedy with it. I was such a ‘taker’. I took all the fun I could, mostly at a reckless cost, and survived it. I do see this from the pit of my stomach, as some Special G R A C E from God.

Oh the havoc I found myself in, the Mercy God showed me after turning my back on Him in those days. How much do I flinch at the thought of His Love, recognizing it more today than ever, at how abundant it always was, and how deflated I couldn’t even see myself as.

How Special was my Youth? Days of soccer, and running trails, and late night burritos. Days of swimming, and ice cream,and laughing and day dreaming in green fields. Dreams of what I was going to do with my life. All that said, God has brought me adventure. Here I am, on the mission field, fulfilling more than He told me about. He is so good, and now as a mother of almost 4, I need to continue. I need to continue His Word in my heart. To trust Him, to Seek Him, to Find Him. I can do nothing without Him, sometimes I feel like I can do nothing with Him! But with my heart swelling, I can do all things through Him. That’s my Strength.

That’s my Joy.

That’s my Adventure for Today.

Dear Readers, Thank You for reading, and sharing our lives with us! We are so blessed by you!

If you are wondering more about how you can be with Jesus for Eternity,Please drop us a note. We would love to share with you!

In His Name,

Kim and Family

Prayer Requests…

Please pray for our students. The Lord is good; we are sensing a lot of spiritual warfare.

Caleb’s Classes

The Weight of the upcoming Conferences

The Staff Families to stay healthy and always for God’s Unity

This pregnancy: 13 weeks today..due late Sept.

Our kids: for another teacher to be called here!

For our kids’ walk with the Lord, to remain in Him

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Treadmills, Mercy and He’s still in Control

March 5th, 2011 2 comments

i turned 35!

One day, I was running through the back roads that encircle the outer edges of the College. I love to listen to a good worship song while making tracks in the earth. There is something about being out with nature that hugs you close to the hand of God. I always seem to make my way to having a conversation with Him too. I make these little deals with Him while asking him the questions of life like, “What do you want me to do with this life Lord?” You know, those Big questions, as if he hasn’t been guiding us along the whole way, but almost questioning him for the moment.

I ask, “Would you ever do This for me, Lord?”

I almost sense the answer falling in line with Meatloaf’s sentiment, “…and I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that!”
In fact, I can remember a foolish request a couple of years back while still in Australia. A friend and I had gotten a small gym membership down the way, and I would head upstairs to the cardio room and get right to the treadmill to begin. While a manager showed a new family of four the facilities, I continued on with my pace. I was praying while running, and began to ask the Lord if he would hold me up while closing my eyes. In my mind I asked, “Can you hold me up now? What about now?” It was as if I was almost testing the Lord on my own time and demand.

The next thing I know, I mis-stepped on the side of the treadmill, where the belt does n o t  m o v e  and did a full front tumble off a fast moving landing strip. I ate it so bad that I landed on my back! The next thing I knew, the manager is standing over me, as the family of four follows. “I’m ok, I’m ok,” I say, while bearing the embarrassment.

The Lord often shows us that he is going to be in control whether we go along with his plan or not. He wants to gently lead us. It’s our blessing to receive if we believe and go with. He, in addition, has his timing and care fine-tuned in our lives. And as I was running in those back roads, the Lord began to show me a beautiful picture. One of my most favorite things is the trees filled with Fall Leaves. The beautifully full orange and reds are such a gift, especially to be a part of it now.

Growing up in Southern California,it seems to offer ‘pastels’ of these colors,and in January nonetheless. So as I ran, I could see God giving me a flurried gift. They began to fall ahead, as I ran through the cascading branches of scarlets and burnt oranges, but never upon me. It always seemed the gifts were ahead, but never upon. I began to pray, and once again close my eyes. “Lord, could I just have one more, ONE MORE, just fall upon me, that I could even catch. I was nearing the end. I wanted to believe in my heart of hearts that he was going to do this. But as I lifted my hands to receive, the over hanging trees came to an end.

And as I fully gave up, a beautiful orange 5 pronged leaf fell right into my hands. I was stunned. I stopped running. The Lord is good. He wants to give his children good gifts. And no matter how simple the task, the Blessing is Huge, if we Believe! Especially if it is personal to just me!

I began to twirl and spin, looking like a fool, running with my music, laughing and thanking Him for He is so Personal, and He loves Me! That He would be aware of my life and the little things!

We tend to believe that God desires to withhold good things from us, because we truly feel the guilt of who we are deep inside. We know who we are. We know our sins so well, and we tend to react in such a manner towards God, but also magnifying this reaction towards others. Let God Bless you, He’s going to do it whether you let him or not. But allowing ourselves to let him COVER our sins, while receiving from Him, WOW, that’s the Freedom ! I learned a verse the other day that strengthened my Spirit with this.

Who is a God like You, Pardoning iniquity…He does not retain His anger forever, Because He delights in mercy. Micah 7:18

He delights in not giving us what we deserve!! So why do we hold ourselves captive for so long!? Let God be God, and let him lead us. He will do everything in His time, whether we jump out of the car or not. It’s our Tumbling we are going to meet with. Just receive from Him, and let him lead!

He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Romans 8:32

God’s character of Love so blesses my life. Just receiving Him, and not worrying about guilt or doubts, is such a freeing thing. Get over ourselves! Let God be God in our lives!


Beginning next week, we will have our bi-annual Speaker’s Week. We will have our very own, Rich Cathers come share, from our home church Calvary Chapel Fullerton! This will be amazing to have him here again. A little piece of home.

The semester is in full swing. Some of the classes being offered are John, Romans, Joshua,Revelation, Apologetics and Nehemiah. We are so blessed to be a part of a place that keeps running because God is in it. Walking by, you see this little community coming together when a friend is hurting, and often you will see a hand upon a shoulder as they pray for and carry each other.

All the students are faithfully studying and working so this place runs smoothly whether in the coffee shop or libraries.

‘M199’ or Job

For example, if someone is on Laundry, they will have to have a certain amount of hours in the middle of the day, where other students will bring down their clothes, and the Laundry girl will have to keep them organized, washed and folded. If you’re on U-shape, which is the little on-campus motel we have to serve for Conferences, then you will have to clean each room after a guest has left. It’s called turn-around. This is part of the life of service for a College student.

Caleb has been here and there in meetings for the upcoming Spring and Summer Conferences. Along with teaching Nehemiah and Apologetics, he came down with Pneumonia! He’s at the end of one week, but praise God the Dr. released him and said that he’s fine and will need to start taking short walks. At one point, he was down for the day, but praise God, Prayer works, and here he is with more energy!

Chicken soup for my soul

I am doing fine, sticking close to home with my kids. I’ve been making lots of soup for the sick season! A wonderful thing that God is still blessing me with is being able to share in a time with Ladies’ Devos, and Wed. Night Bible Study. These girls are so open to share their hurts and joys. I am overwhelmed by their strength in the Lord, but remembering also, what it was like to be 20-something, with all of the worries and Fears. An ongoing theme seems to be Surrender and Brokenness! It often points me to leading questions, while in the back of my mind, picking up tidbits for my own children.

Another opportunity I had, was to share on Fear vs. Faith with the Ladies’ Fellowship in Dunaujvaros, a  town about 45 minutes away. Dusty and Norbi Arany are Missionaries there, and are always so evidently filled with the Spirit! If you remember my sad ordeal with the Mango Chutney last Post, I am proud to announce that they found it for me, here in Hungary, and now it sits in my Pantry! Thanks Guys.

The ladies opened up so much after this teaching, sharing many things that were deep set in their hearts! God is so faithful to be with each individual! Some were not saved, so praise God seeds continue to be planted! It was a privilege to share God’s Word there.

It began to snow!

Our Kids are amazing us everyday, with what they learn and what they say. They make me laugh and our growing so strong in Jesus. Their meal-prayers are the cutest things in the world. My ongoing prayer for them, is not that they will evade fears and pains in this dark world, (although I hate the thought of it), but deciding now, that Jesus is their rock, and abiding in Him all the days of their lives. That no matter where we go, they will live their lives to Serve Him. And that they will use the Bible as their Road Map for this life. Please Join me in prayer for these things!


Praise the LORD with the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre. Psalm 33:2

Praise the LORD with the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre. Psalm 33:2

Charis loves science. Here she is being an archeologist and finding all of the gemstones!

Charis loves science.Here she is being an archeologist with Daddy and finding all of the gemstones!


Hope receiving her Valentine from Grandma!


Justice learning a new trick! He'll be turning 3 at the end of March

Thank You for reading, Friends and Family. We are blessed by your love.

Love in Jesus,

Prayer Requests
Caleb will be going to Romania to teach in Mid April for a Conference

Our Family’s Health, Strength and Protection

Caleb and I: Our walks, our relationship!

Our Kids’ Fire to learn the Truths in God’s Word

For Strength to continue to teach them

Caleb’s Nehemiah and Apologetics Class

Endurance for the Ladies’ Bible Study! Fresh Eyes in Teaching!

P.S. The part of the ‘falling leaf’ story that I love to share, is how when I ran home, I told Charis “God answered my prayer! I asked for a leaf, and God saw me and answered! Prayer works!” She received the story in Joy. Her Little Faith is Growing.  He is so good to us…

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